Be a GEM - Join Our Family of Donors and Give Every Month!

As a GEM, your generous monthly gift ensures Relative Theatrics' ongoing ability to dazzle.

Be a GEM - Join Our Family of Donors and Give Every Month! image

As a GEM, your generous monthly gift ensures Relative Theatrics' ongoing ability to dazzle.

Support Risky, Relevant, Real Theatre Monthly!

"This theatre company has done Laramie, WY the biggest service in providing a safe space to risk and explore. This theatre company brings people together simply through getting a conversation started and guiding all who enter their doors with compassion and a heart for unity. They rock!" - RT Artist and Supporter Jenna Blazek Reed

Taking artistic risk, we provide a community gathering place where thoughts can be exchanged about society, culture, and the power of creativity. Our productions are created for the local community, by the local community - building connections in our own backyards, contributing to our creative economy, and enriching the cultural landscape of the Gem City.

"There was a time in my life that I thought in order to do anything serious with theatre I'd need to live in the city, so I gave it a try and was miserable. Relative Theatrics has provided people, like myself, opportunities to explore their skills, passions, and talents within a safe space and I'll forever be grateful." - RT Production Manager Kim Lockhart

Without Relative Theatrics, our community would lack a theatrical forum that builds bridges in a divided world and provides creative opportunities to local talent. When you contribute to Relative Theatrics on a monthly basis, you are supporting a growing arts community in Wyoming, including the RT artists and staff who make the Gem City their home. Relative Theatrics GEMs provide a rootedness for artists and community to plant, grow, and flourish, ensuring that high quality productions that examine the joining qualities of the human race continue to benefit Laramie.

"Having attended many plays in places like New Orleans and Chicago, I believe the company is an intensely valuable contribution to Laramie." - Relative Theatrics Supporter

As a GEM your monthly contribution will play an enormous role in our ability to present Risky, Relevant, Real Theatre to Laramie audiences on a continued basis. As a thank you, we will recognize your support on our website and in our programs. We'll also send you little jewels from the production process, including behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, special messages from our actors, humorous theatre mishap anecdotes from our stage managers, and more!

"I feel so very fortunate to have this quality of theatre available to us here in Laramie." - Relative Theatrics Supporter

With your support, our theatre enhances the livability of Laramie, providing a richness of life and culture in the Gem City. A monthly gift contributes to a strong creative foundation that attracts and retains an engaged community. Help secure our continued impact by joining our GEM Club. Give Every Month and ensure that we are here to stay!

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"Relative Theatrics is beginning its tenth year and I have been a supporter since the very beginning. I have gotten to know patrons, artists, playwrights, volunteers, and the board members and staff who work behind the scenes. My life is richer because of them. And I believe our community is richer because of Relative Theatrics." - RT Board of Directors Treasurer Glenda Earl